Exams and Glasses Fee Estimator
All exam service fees will be submitted to the patient's health insurance. The patient is subject to the insurances copays, co-insurances, and deductible, if not met. If there is a copay, expect to pay the “Specialist” copay. This is typically found on the insurance card. The refraction (finding the glasses prescription) will be submitted to your insurance but this service is sometimes not covered. The refraction is a $30 fee. Below is an estimate of your expenses for the examination.* nnChoose your insurance and it will give you an estimation of what you can expect to pay for the eye examination. nnMedicare is based on deductible being met. If deductible is not met, then the price of the exam will increase to meet the deductible. nnPrice of glasses are estimates for cash pay. nn*Exam estimates are not a guarantee of price. Price quoted in this form is subject to change.
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