What You Need

Eyeglasses Prescription

  • Most prescriptions are valid for one year.
  • Take a picture of your prescription using your phone and upload it to your computer.
  • Don’t have your prescription?  No problem!  Place your order and on the check out page, it will ask you for your doctor’s information.  Fill that out and we will contact your doctor’s office and request it for you.

PD (Pupillary Distance or Distance Between the Pupils)

  • This ensures your glasses are accurately made.
  • If you request this from your doctor’s office, they will gladly measure it for you.

Check out our Lens Options page so you know exactly what types of lenses we offer and you can make the best choice for you!

Worried About the Fit of the Glasses?

If you are afraid to take the leap of ordering glasses online without trying them on, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are working with local businesses around the city to offer monthly pop-up shops so that you will be able to peruse our variety of frames and try them on for the perfect fit.  Follow our Instagram or Facebook page for these updates.