Dr. Matt’s first job out of optometry school was at a busy Medicaid practice in Independence, MO.  Due to it being one of the only Medicaid practices in the area, he saw many ISL residents.  He noticed that these exams, which should be done within an hour, would often take two plus hours due to the schedule being full.  The patients would be out of their comfort zone and he would see them at their most stressed, as opposed to who they truly are at home.  

Dr. Matt started his own practice in order to better serve this community.  Now that he comes to the resident’s homes, he is able to see them in a relaxed environment and really get to see who they are and get to know them.  Going to ISL communities is always something he looks forward to in his practice. 

We perform full, comprehensive eye examinations in the home and also take care of any follow-ups that we find necessary. We also bring around 180 frames with us so there is no shortage of options to choose from. We accept most insurances and all of our frames are Medicaid approved. 

Once the exam is finished, we will set reminders for the upcoming follow-up and/or yearly appointments. A week before the due date for the exam, we will contact you to schedule the appointment so you don’t have to worry about keeping track anymore.

If we are not currently serving your community, please visit our CONTACT US page and let us know if you are interested.

Communities We Currently Serve

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Center for Developmentally Disabled

Community Choice

Harmony House

Help At Home

Kansas City Behavioral Health

Life At It’s Best

Life Centers of Kansas

Life Unlimited, Inc

Missouri Mentor

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