1. Matt or Suzie identifies independent living community or retirement home
  2. Matt sets up appointment with service coordinator or community manager
  3. At this meeting Matt will:
    • Bring Welcome Folder that includes:
      • Welcome Packet
      • Letter to Residents and Family Members
      • Sample of Meet and Greet Flyer
      • Sample of Monthly/Quarterly Flyer
      • Business Card
      • Pamphlet (if applicable)
    • Let staff know of our expectations of them:
      • We will schedule appointments through calling
      • They need to distribute Welcome Packets
      • They need to fax us back the Welcome Packet along with copies of their drivers license and insurance card
    • If the above is agreed upon, then we will find the day of the month that will work based on region
      • 1st Monday afternoon, 2nd Wednesday morning, etc.
  4. After meeting, Matt will call Suzie and let her know the status and the date of when they will have the meet-and-greet for cookie availability (if applicable) and the date of the recurring exam
  5. Suzie will enter on the “Home Schedule” sheet:
    • Home Schedule Tab: Home Name, Contact Name, Contact E-mail, and POS
    • Home Schedule 2019/2020 Dates for the remainder of the year
    • Add to Contact List
    • Add Name of Place to Pt Data Entry Form Tab
  6. Suzie will send an e-mail that includes:
    • Introduction
    • Confirm date of meet-and-greet (if applicable)
    • The dates of the exams and times
    • Explain how you will e-mail them the Monday of the week before to send schedule and remind them to send over paperwork
    • The following will be attached to this e-mail
      • Meet-and-Greet Flyer (if applicable)
      • Monthly Flyer (Independent Living/Senior Apartments)
      • Letter to Residents
      • Welcome Packet (Independent Living/Senior Apartments)
      • Welcome Packet (Nursing Home/Assisted Living)
    • See Example Below

Hi Bonnie,

I am Suzie Broberg and I will be your point of contact moving forward for scheduling the appointments at Truman Farm Villas.  I have attached to this e-mail the Monthly Flyer and Welcome Packet.  I will send you the Letter to Residents later this afternoon. When a patient calls to schedule their eye examination, we will ask that they visit your office to pick up a Welcome Packet.  They will then fill that packet out and return it to you. We just ask that you fax the Welcome Packet to us, along with a copy of their insurance card.  (Fax 816-817-3769)

I will e-mail you a week before our visit to let you know who we will be seeing and if we have not received Welcome Packets from anyone.  I will also call each patient to remind them of their exam.

Here are the dates for the remainder of the year.  All dates are the fourth Thursday morning of the month and the exams will take place from 9 AM to 1 PM.

  • June 27th
  • July 25th
  • August 22nd
  • September 26th
  • October 24th
  • November 28th – OFF (Thanksgiving)
  • December 26th – OFF (Christmas)

We may reschedule our November and December dates depending on demand.

We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions, please let me know.